Electronic Etching Unit

What is Etching?

A device for marking on all Ferrous and Non Ferrous (Conductivity Metals) By instant, permanent electro-etching process. Best for Hardened & Ground Surfaces.


You can write on any conductivity metals without any ink. Harder the metal better the Etching with electronic regulator to suit different depth of Etching.


Input-230 Main Volts AC, Duty-continuous, Permanent Marking, Supplied with special writing pins, Safety features with earthing, fuse, light indicators for mains and load.

How to use?

Just plug in and switch on the Etching unit 230 Volts Mains AC, Select the regulator, Keep the component on the earth plate. Start writing by given electric pencil on the component. Increase or decrease the regulator for required etching.


For Tools, Punches, Dies, Machine Tools, Components, Cutting Tools, Jigs and Fixtures, Gauges or Measuring Instruments, Rejected Components for identification, numbering of dissembled details to facilitate assembly.

  • No force while etching
  • No strain in writing
  • No ink or acid required
  • Writing Pins can be replaced / Sharpened
  • No restrictions on style and size
  • All electrical safety provided like over load fuse, earthing etc
  • Supplied with carry bag for easy movement
  • Instant Etching

Pulsating Demagnetiser With Coveyor

Vasals has developed and proven in many factories in India, This Electronic Pulsating Demagnetiser is very high precision & effective for use in the manufacture of industrial components, Usually many components / Products need to be magnetised for a specific process and then to be demagnetised before being put into actual use, Otherwise, they are likely to gather metal particle dirts, or suffer from the effects of magnetism. The magnetism is needed to be removed either totally, or at least to a minimum acceptable level of the residual magnetism. Reverse pulses applied to remove the residual magnetism. Standard Demagnetisers themselves consume a lot of energy in the above process, and still do not deliver the product demagnetised to a satisfactory level. The research work done by Vasals team, In this area Vasals has resulted in achieving an excellent quality of minimum residual magnetism after Demagnetisation. The average energy consumption is only 130 watts, as compared to that many times by others manufacturers (2 kW or more). So, the consumption is 25 to 35 times less. Thanks to the above Power saving technology and widely accepted by many Industries.

Vasals Demagnetisers pay back for themselves in a few years. The Demagnetising values repeatability is the highest, with almost zero maintenance.

Vasals Pulsating Demagnetisers can be supplied for in - line operation and On - line where the flow continues. These are highly reliable and durable products, and have started reaching Many factories in India and proved in many Industries. There are several models to cover small components to very large.

• Vasals Pulsating Demagnetiser is specially suited for the conveyor assembly, where component to be demagnetised online. It consists of power supply unit, demagnetizing coil with Bracket to adjust for fitting.

• When the component to be demagnetised is passed into the Demagnetiser Coil in the centre through Conveyer assembly it is sensed by a sensor then demagnetizing impulse is applied which results in removing the residual magnetism to the maximum possible extent.

• The power supply unit is microcontroller based, negligible energy consumption, consistency of demagnetizing values, easy adaption to customers line.

Large Pulse Tunnel Demag System

We provide state-of-the-art Pulsating Demagnetiser for Large size Bearings and components. These are very useful in heavy and large Industries. It is specially designed to remove the residual magnetism of the components / bearings etc . This pulsating demagnetizer is manufactured from premium quality raw material as per industrial standards. Designed to ensure reliability and durability, this products are high in demand for its efficient performance. It works in D.C currents. Our product is checked and validated by experts before it is dispatch; hence its quality comes assured.

It consist of power supply unit, Tunnel demagnetizing coil with conveyor assembly and sensor to sense the components. The components to be Demagnetised which are passed through the conveyor assembly into the tunnel of the Pulsating Demag Coil and then the demagnetizing impulse is passed into the coil through the sensor, which senses the components, which results in removing residual magnetism as low as below 2 Gauss.

Demag with Conveyor Assembly

Steadfast to our commitment of providing best quality products, we are able to manufacture, wholesale and export premium range of Demag with Conveyor Assembly. We offer very sturdy, flawlessly designed and long lasting demag with conveyor assembly which is used for efficient material handling in the organization.

Our demag with conveyor assembly is fitted with durable and high quality motor with abrasion resistant belt that is very reliable and long lasting. We are offering our demag with conveyor assembly at reasonable prices.

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