• Vasals Engineering

  • Pulsating Demagnetizer

  • Magnetizer

  • Brush Making &
    Trimming Machine

  • Conveyor

  • Tunnel Demagnetiser
    With Conveyor

  • Permanent Magnetic Lifter

  • Digital Guass Meter

  • Platen Type Demagnetizer

  • Pulasating Demagentizer
    With Conveyor

  • Magnetic Sweeper

  • Electro Magnetic Chuck

  • Demagnetiser For
    Rolling Channel

  • Control Unit

  • Magnetiser for Magnet

  • Plain Plug Gauge

  • Plain Ring Gauge

  • Measuring Pins

  • Pulsating Twin Demagnetiger

  • Battery Operated
    EPM Lifter

  • Magnetiser For
    Automobiles Industry

  • Magnetic Lifter(Electro/Permenent)

  • Magnetic Chuck

  • Granite Surface Plate

  • Magnetic Floor Sweeper

  • Seminar and Training

About Us

Established in 1969, Vasals is one of the leading company to undertake Sales / Service and Calibration of Measuring Instruments, Magnetic Devices and Gauges.The Service Center and Metrology Laboratory is handled by professionally qualified people with Traceable Master Equipment's at Standard Environmental Conditions. Capital of Vasals Engineering industries is 300 Million

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